ALT Artist Discoveries: Bishop Briggs

Briggs was born in London to Scottish parents from Bishopbriggs, Scotland which inspired her professional name.  At age 4, she moved to Tokyo with her parents and sang in public for the first time at a karaoke bar.  She immediately realized she wanted to continue performing throughout her life.

She started writing her own songs at age 7 which she could perform for her family.  After she graduated from Hong Kong International School, she moved to Los Angeles to start her career by playing in any venue that she could.

Shortly after a 2015 performance in a local bar that gained the attention of former A&R Representative George Robertson, Briggs recorded her first single “Wild Horses” under the name Bishop.

In January 2016, Briggs released the single “River” and changed her recording name to Bishop Briggs to avoid confusion with a heavy metal band of the same name.  The song was a commercial success.

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