ALT Homegrown Spotlight: Bobby & Krystal

After working together for years and talking about working on music together, (producer/engineer/musician) duo Krystal and Bobby finally decided it was time to collaborate. With eclectic musical backgrounds from metal, EDM, and alt rock, they teamed up to create a fun pop punk EP as their love letter to the 2000’s.Krystal is the lead vocalist in multiple musical projects including The Part You Left Out and Our Name Is taken, and another new alternative rock group that plans to make their debut in 2023. She also moonlights as a live production engineer and stagehand.Bobby is an engineer and producer who splits his time primarily between rock and edm. He works with a number of local and regional bands and artists including Humans Among Us, In Perpetuum, and Nautilus acting as engineer. He also produces electronic music under the name Derocc.