ALT Homegrown Spotlight: Calder the Band

Calder the Band consists of Lee Cliff (Bass), Luke Matulis (Lead Guitar), and Joe Stilwell (Vocals/Guitar).  The band has been under the inspiration of nearly every category of music ranging from the likes of Glen Campbell, Twin Peaks, Tame Impala, Radiohead, Coldplay, and Always.

However, the band has found that they are most authentic in the styling of alt-rock being compared to tracks from Foster the People, a couple of Beach House tunes, and Young The Giant’s guitar driven Freshman album.

Throughout the fall of 2017, the members worked diligently on putting together quality content in songwriting and composition.  The results of this effort has turned into a 12 song album that was released in May 2018.

Calder Thursday Feature

Calder Sunday Feature