ALT Homegrown Spotlight: Cloudmaker

CloudMaker, the creative endeavor of Eric Frank, began in 2019 a solo project, 
exploring what was possible with vintage synthesizers and drum machines while intentionally 
never using a computer or modern DAW. CloudMaker has gradually transformed from its humble 
beginnings into a collage of industrial, darkwave and ambient noise, culminating in a unique 
style of its own. In 2021, Zach Smith joined the group on guitar, adding additional layers 
that range from distorted heavy riffs to melodic dream-like soundscapes. 
Primal Unity is the 4th release from CloudMaker and first full-length album. 
It explores topics of longing, faith, love and loneliness against a confrontational 
and dark soundscape. It is intended to elicit discomfort and embrace sadness...
yet you are loved, even in darkness.