ALT Homegrown Spotlight: Fields and Fortresses

Combining driving rhythms, memorable melodies and singable hooks, Fields and Fortresses brings to life the stories and experiences that shaped front man Mike DeFraties.

Fields and Fortresses began as a one-man outfit in 2013 when DeFraties began pulling influences anywhere he could find to develop a fresh take on the “Wall of Sound” Rock music that defined his youth.

Their debut album “Brave new World” has set the tone for them.  Now they see the strife and division that has gripped the nation they love.  “We see the injustices that are committed against our brothers and sisters.  We see the marginalized being forgotten and oppressed.  We can’t stand for that.  We are brothers and sons – some of us are fathers – who want to leave a legacy of justice and unity.  We want our songs to raise a banner, to change the narrative and bring a nation on the brink together.”