ALT Homegrown Spotlight: Rogues & Bandits

Rogues & Bandits were formed in early 2000’s when Anthony Vanover (lead guitar) started coming over to Buddy Smith’s (bass/vocal) parents house in Huntington Indiana. Buddy’s dad played in a band at the time so they had a PA system and a drum kit to learn on. Anthony would then invite Josiah Helland (drums) over to form the first version of the band known as Forge. Many versions of this band would follow the next few years including adding members, changing members including Josiah’s brother on vocals originally. After playing for a year or two together Josiah being apart of other bands left the group. Anthony and Buddy continued on ultimately adding several members and changing the name to OnlySon. Playing area shows this version of the band were together until 2013.

They recruited Jason Kitt who was a founding member of local band fountainhead to join the group. This version would include 3 of the 4 current members. After the drummer decided to leave they recruited still long time friend and drummer Josiah to re-join a newly formed group that also included keyboard player Judd Brunson and formed the first incarnation of Rogues & Bandits  as 5 members.

They focused on original music and recorded their first EP in 2017. They played around the area with other local bands. After the first EP keyboard player Judd left the group and the band has continued on releasing another EP called “Ancient Maps” and recently released their third EP “THE THRILL”.

You can see them play at Fort Wayne’s very own Middle Waves.

They are on all social media networks including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram under Rogues & Bandits. All of their music is available on all music platforms.