Sam Trowbridge is a 19 year old artist, musician, producer, and songwriter/composer. He is proud to have made it back for another ride.

This upcoming fall he will be a sophomore at PFW with a double major in Popular music. PFW is partnered with Sweetwater and he highly recommends musical students to check out the program.

For about a year or so he has been working on my debut album, “The Painter”.  16 songs about what the last 2-3 years of his life have felt like. On the album he hopes to share feelings of heartbreak, self dissociation, good morals, and true identity. However, there is also the feel good, energetic, happy side.

Sam has been featured on Spotlight more than once. Below are both appearances.

Sam Trowbridge Thursday Feature the first time on Spotlight

Sam Trowbridge Sunday Feature the first time on Spotlight

Sam Trowbridge Thursday and Sunday Feature from his last appearance on Spotlight