ALT Homegrown Spotlight: Secret Mezzanine

Secret Mezzanine formed in 2013 when Rob Greene and Cai Caudill were sophomores at Canterbury High School.  Originally an acoustic guitar/ukulele duo, the group played coffee shops and festivals around Northern Indiana, blending influences of classic rock, folk, alternative, and soul music in their set.

After winning the Saint Francis Battle of the Bands in 2014, Jacob Sherfield engineered and produced the first album “Passing Dreams“, which marked the beginning of his part in the band.  He quickly became a good friend and began joining the sets and recordings on the drums, allowing for an expansion of sound.

The final piece of the puzzle came together in 2017 with the inclusion of keyboardist and producer Garrett Spoelhof as a member of the group after a series of extended collaborations on the songs “Looking Out” and “Tell Me“.

Secret Mezzanine Vignette Promo

Secret Mezzanine Thursday Feature

Secret Mezzanine Sunday Feature