The Last Plane Home was founded in 2009 in New Haven, Indiana when Bobson Dugnutt called upon three of his former schoolmates in order to form a supergroup of unrivaled, unpolished pop punk enthusiasm. At some point, a man with a keytar appeared in the basement as well.

This initial group saw Glenallen Mixon slinging six-stringed moonshine melodies, Willie Dustice praising at the altar of the pentatonic plectrum, Darryl Archideld synthesizing symphonic sonatas in 88 keys, and Sleve McDichael spanking the skins.

As they continue to cultivate their repertoire of originals and covers that draw inspiration from 90’s alternative, 00’s pop punk, 80’s new wave, 70’s classic rock, and whatever else they’ve been listening to that week, The Last Plane Home is going to rock a stage near you very soon.

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