ALT Homegrown Spotlight: Tuesday Atlas

Tuesday Atlas is a 4-piece alternative/post-rock band from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Vocalist and guitarist Dakota Boggs began writing music for Tuesday Atlas as a teenager, but it wasn’t until 2015 that his labors began to bear fruit.  By 2016, he had generated enough interest to inspire childhood friend Sisco and Mackenzi Lowry to join his entourage as bassist and drummer, respectively.  The triumvirate enjoyed 2 years of writing and gigging before shooting the first of their music videos in 2018 with the help of longtime friend and videographer Skyler Newsome who then joined the band in 2018 as lead guitarist.

Tuesday Atlas has written, recorded and released an EP and played multitudes of shows in the Midwest.  They say they “like to make songs that get stuck in your head like a ghost in your attic”.

Tuesday Atlas Vignette Promo

Tuesday Atlas Thursday Feature

Tuesday Atlas Sunday Feature