Maurice Causey Jr, known professionally as “Je’Yume”, is an American Hip Hop/Rap, Pop Punk singer and song writer. He was born on July 19th, 1997 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Born and raised in a musical family full of gospel singers and instrument players, Maurice didn’t excel at anything. In fact, he didn’t show any interest in music or sports until he turned 13. However, his father (Maurice Causey Sr.) was something like a gospel prodigy.

Albums that lit up most of Indiana with skills on the drums like no other and a voice that made souls dance. He even opened up his own recording label known as “Black Diamond Records” which would eventually be where Je’Yume would make his first song under the artist name “Kid Legend”. As time went on in this family made label, Je’Yume got his first chance to perform as “Kid Legend” on stage. However, his career came to a rather quick end when a violent situation involving one of the label’s hottest artist ended up forcing the label to disband. Removing the chance for Je’Yume to continue music, he dropped music and began to play basketball in high school. He even got the chance to play a year in a local community college but later found himself losing his passion for basketball and regaining his love for music.